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Houston Oral Surgery Associates

5 out of 5 stars based on 104 reviews.

Patient Review By Lysa L

From the consultation to the scheduled surgery day Dr. Maida and his staff were very kind and professional throughout the entire process. I was very nervous about having my wisdom teeth removed and after having a consultation with 2 other oral surgeons I am happy with the decision that I made. During my consultation, the procedure and risks were explained thoroughly and on the day of surgery, his surgical staff was AMAZING. Leticia was very sweet and patient with me as I began getting anxious for the procedure. Before I knew it, I was out and it was all over. One of the things I was most impressed with was the post-op experience. I had little to no pain on the days following surgery and recovered quickly. One week later I had a follow up and any concerns or questions you have are addressed. Would definitely recommend Dr. Maida and his office to friends/family!

- Lysa L

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Patient Review By Daniela C

Everything was great from experience in the office to the surgery and recovery.

- Daniela C

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Patient Review By Patricia C

Staff are very professional, helpful and friendly

- Patricia C

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Patient Review By Rocky C

Surgery went great, no complications, the staff were very friendly.

- Rocky C

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Patient Review By Jerome V

Had two teeth removed. No pain, no problems.

- Jerome V

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Patient Review By Rita A

Very pleased with my new smile and everything.

- Rita A

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Patient Review By Ramiro E

Exceptional service!

- Ramiro E

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Patient Review By Yeye T

Dr. Maida and his surgical staff were welcoming and detail-oriented. Jessica, one of the staff members, helped eased my nerves before my wisdom teeth removal. She explained the removal process, and she was right because everything happened promptly, and the numbing medicine worked for several days! Dr. Maida was readily available to answer my questions, and he made time to speak to my mom before the removal to discuss the next steps following my removal and healing. My mom couldn't even tell the difference. That's how neat Dr. Maida is. He called in the evening to make sure I was doing okay as well. I am so happy I read other reviews before my consultation because Dr. Maida and his team were accommodating and professional. Ana, another one of his staff members, was helpful and thorough too.

- Yeye T

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Patient Review By Abdullah S

Very easy, very quick service. Dr. Moya and his staff had the knowledge and experience to make a smooth process from the very first consultation through the one week after follow up appointment and it showed. Highly recommended.

- Abdullah S

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Patient Review By Rachael K

Staff really goes above and beyond to insure your comfort. Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Maida is excellent at explaining any issues and details of procedures. Rest assured you are in very good hands when you trust them with your dental treatment.

- Rachael K

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Patient Review By Allison B

Thank you Dr Moya and staff for a great experience. From the consultation to follow up after surgery, I was pleased with everything. I was very nervous but was assured that all would be okay. I followed all the instructions and everything went just as they said it would. Dr. Moya answered all my questions before and called me after to make sure I was doing okay at home. Highly recommend!

- Allison B

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Patient Review By MICHAEL E

Dr. Moya and the entire staff were very friendly and made me feel totally comfortable. Dr. Moya fully explained the procedure and the necessity for it. They scheduled the procedure a few days later and a followup visit one week later. I was very impressed by the entire experience! I would definitely recommend them. Great job to all!


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Patient Review By Carine S

Very pleased with the procedure, nice reassuring staff. Fast and painless.

- Carine S

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Patient Review By Taylor R

Can’t say ANYTHING negative about this office.

- Taylor R

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Patient Review By Catherine W

Everyone at Houston Oral Surgery Associates was so polite, friendly, and helpful throughout the process of my oral surgery. They process was so smooth and I knew the expectations up front which in turn allowed me to experience in a positive light, without anxiety or fear of a new surgery. I'm thankful for Dr. Maida who ensured the highest quality of my care from start to finish throughout my time, making sure to educate me and answer all my questions patiently along the way.

- Catherine W

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Patient Review By Tonya P

Dr. Moya and his staff made a horrible situation bearable. I can not thank them enough for helping my mother. The patience both showed with her stole my heart and made believe that they genuinely care about their patients.

- Tonya P

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Patient Review By Crystal M

I was referred to Houston oral Surgery associates by my dentist and I'm so glad she did. They have the best service. I never waited more than 5 minutes to be seen. Dr. Moya is amazing if I could see him for everything teeth related I honestly would. The dental assistants as well are amazing. All of them! Overall a great experience. If you need any oral surgery done pick them.

- Crystal M

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Patient Review By Anna E

I was thoroughly impressed with Houston Oral Surgery. After hearing many wisdom teeth horror stories, I couldn’t have been happier with my experience. The surgery only took an hour, Dr. Moya gave me a detailed recovery “playbook” which I followed and ended up having zero pain or swelling. It was amazing! I was completely back to normal after 4 days. Overall, everyone was very professional, courteous, and I felt like I was in good hands the entire time. I highly recommend them to anyone needing to get their wisdom teeth removed!

- Anna E

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Patient Review By Mary Jo B

Dr. Moya and his staff are exceptional. I was nervous about the implant procedure but was walked through every step and had all of my questions answered. Thank you to the staff for your professionalism and thank you Dr. Moya for your excellence!

- Mary Jo B

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Patient Review By Mike G

While it's never fun to have a tooth removed I have to share that my experience with Dr. Maida and his staff was excellent. After a visit to the regular dentist, I was referred to Dr. Maida for an extraction. The office was able to fit me in the next day and perform a consultation and the extraction in one visit. Dr. Maida reviewed and confirmed the diagnosis then explained the procedure and anesthesia options. Everything went as expected, the discomfort was minimal and after a few days I was just fine. I would recommend Dr. Maida and will not hesitate to see him again should the need arise. Mike

- Mike G

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