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Houston Oral Surgery Associates

5 out of 5 stars based on 120 reviews.

Patient Review By R C

Thank you sooooo much for fitting me in last min. Losing my front teeth was one of the most traumatic things that has ever happen to me! Do not know what I would have done without your help to put my "teeth" back in the right location. Everyone in the office was very kind and made me feel very comfortable. Thank you again!

- R C

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Patient Review By Samantha M

Dr. Maida made me feel so at ease and answers all my questions with explanation. Going to the dentist is scary as it is, but having teeth extracted is unnerving.

- Samantha M

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Patient Review By Karen

I had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Madia and staff. I was very anxious about the appointment and any procedure, but Dr. Madia was very patient with me and spend a lot of time trying to calm me down, the staff was very helpful and kind and always available to help. Dr. Madia is very professional, He takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice , It's not easy to find a good dentist these days, I highly recommend Dr. Madia and his staff for YOUNG OR OLD.

- Karen

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Patient Review By Richard J

Dr. Maida is a highly trained and skilled surgeon. I felt comfortable and at ease with him from the get go. I could not be more pleased with his work and the results of my surgery. So glad my general dentist referred me to him. I highly recommend him and his staff.

- Richard J

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Patient Review By Pamela F

I"ve been thru a lot with dentists and have lots of apprehension, but his chair side manner and knowledge completely put me at ease and his evaluation of work previously done was very detailed and explained what the next steps should be were very encouraging. I am sure I have finally found the right DR!!

- Pamela F

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Patient Review By M.J. B

I would highly recommend Houston Oral Surgery Associates. I had extensive work that needed to be done and Dr. Moya and his team made the entire process manageable for me. I am so very happy with all of the procedures needed and only wish I had stepped up and had implants done much earlier.

- M.J. B

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Patient Review By Matthew J

The staff squeezed me in at the last minute, which I could not appreciate more. They move quickly in the office and you can tell everyone knows what they are doing. Dr. Maida is concise and direct. He explained to me what some possible outcomes might be and he scheduled me for a follow up. He made sure I understood how to get by until our next appointment. The one uncool thing he said was, "No solid foods until your jaw heals," but that's not his fault. I let it slide. 🙂

- Matthew J

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Patient Review By Linda B

I am actually posting a pre-surgery review! Unfortunately, my daughter was sick on the morning of her wisdom teeth surgery. I spoke with Terri and she was SO understanding and helpful with our situation! Just the TLC the staff has given us every time we have called or spoken with the office, confirms why we are so comfortable with our daughter having her surgery here! We know she will be in extremely good hands when we are able to reschedule!

- Linda B

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Patient Review By Leonardo B

Dr. Moya extracted 4 pre-molars from my 12-year-old son and is hands down the best oral & maxillofacil surgeon in Houston. Two things set Dr. Moya apart from every other option: The Midas Touch: he truly is a gifted surgeon. He performs to perfection, regardless of the complexity of the issue, which allows patients to recoup faster and with less pain. This alone makes him your best option. However, Dr. Moya's most impressive trait is his humane treatment. He genuinely cares about the well-being of his patients. He called my son the day before to let him know everything would be ok and walk him through what would happen the day of the surgery. He also called the night after to check in on his patient. Priceless and rare treatment traits, together with the best surgery skills make Dr. Moya a no-brainer choice for anything related to oral & maxillofacial surgery.

- Leonardo B

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Patient Review By Bernard N

The staff and doctors go above and beyond to explain each step, follow up after the surgery and take a personal attitude in ensuring patients feel like family.job well done

- Bernard N

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Patient Review By Anthony G

I was leaving for the summer and wanted to have my wisdom teeth removed so there would not be an issue when I was away. I made the appointment and was see the same week. The surgery went perfect and there were no complications. So glad I saw Dr. Moya! My dad is a dentist and only refers to the best.

- Anthony G

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Patient Review By Cheryl B

Very happy with services and the friendliness of the staff and the doctors.

- Cheryl B

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Patient Review By Bernie B

Patient Review By Bernie B I needed a dental procedure that required surgery and was referred to Dr. Maida. I was scheduled consultation appointments with Dr. Maida that resulted in my realizing I wanted him to perform the surgery. He is extremely patient and has no problem answering any number of questions. He and his surgical staff eventually performed the surgery and did an excellent job. Several follow up visits were scheduled to monitor the healing process which is going well I am extremely satisfied with the complete experience......... I highly recommend Dr. Maida. Words about the entire staff, they all are very professional, friendly and accommodating. I feel as if I am part of a family when I am there which is a wonderful feeling. Houston Oral Surgery Associates is a great place for dental procedures.

- Bernie B

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Patient Review By Kay K

Very good

- Kay K

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Patient Review By Amanda M

I initially came to Dr. Moya to have my wisdom teeth extracted and have since had another tooth extracted, a bone graft, and an implant. From scheduling to dealing with insurance, the staff is always very easy to communicate with and things are done in an efficient manner. I appreciate that there are people on staff that have been there for several years, it makes me more comfortable in my treatment. The office is well located and comfortable to be in, and appointments move quickly. They are very mindful of your time and I have never had a long wait time in the office. I tend to have a lot of anxiety surrounding dental procedures and Dr. Moya explains things well and puts me at ease. And over the years I have never had a problem with pain or recovery in any of my procedures.

- Amanda M

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Patient Review By Sara G

The staff is caring and professional always greeting you with a warm smile. Great team work.

- Sara G

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Patient Review By Ben C

My experience at Houston Oral Surgery Associates was easy. I had no trouble scheduling on short notice, and everyone from the staff to the doctors paid close attention to me and made sure I was comfortable and well taken care of.

- Ben C

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Patient Review By Conrado P

I had my last wisdom tooth extracted by Dr. Blake Maida. I was referred to his office by my dentist due to this tooth and also because I have TMJ issues. The staff was very friendly through the whole process. They did x-rays to determine the best option for the extraction and the Dr. explained the process as detailed as possible. He them explained the reasons why TMJ disorder might happen and what to do to correct it. After the appointment Terri went through all the financial details (how much would the insurance cover and all that). She then asked me when would be an appropriate time to call me again to see if I was going to proceed with the extraction. She called me two weeks later and we arranged everything for the extraction. Two days prior to surgery (Monday the 6th) I was having issues with opening my mouth, so I wanted to make sure that it wouldn't be a problem the day of the surgery, so I called at the office and they accepted to have me the next day to make sure everything was fine, with the remark that if there was any problem with my mouth that would prevent the surgery from happening the scheduled day and it needed to be rescheduled there would not be a rescheduling fee. Luckily everything was fine for surgery. The only thing I would mention was that the surgery started later than scheduled, but it went well. They gave me gauze pads and an oral hydrogel wound dressing in a very nice bag with instructions. One week later I went to see Dr. Maida to follow up on my recovery. Everything looked nice and the wound was healing properly. The way I see it, everybody contributes in it's own way to make this office an amazing place. Everybody from Mallory, Terri, Corinna and Dr. Maida and the rest of the staff thanks for all your time and attention!

- Conrado P

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Patient Review By Natalia M

I had a very good experience with Dr. Moya and the staff, they were very friendly, warm and professional, they made me feel sure and confident about the procedure, they answered my calls of pain and treated me with care when I needed it. I’m very thankful!

- Natalia M

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Patient Review By Ray L

Very pleased! No pain, no problems!

- Ray L

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